Sample Message to a Mentor
Unsure of what to say in your first message to a potential mentor? Use this template to construct an introductory email.
Career Exploration: Questions to Ask Your Mentor
Ready to deep dive into exploring potential career paths? Use this handout to guide a conversation with your mentor about exploring career fit, how to prepare for a career in a specific industry, and more.
How to Be a Good Mentee: 7 General Guidelines
Check out these seven general guidelines on how to be the best mentee you can be.
Goal Setting: What is a SMART Goal?
Not sure what a SMART Goal is? Look no further! This sheet will give you definitions and examples.
Closure Conversation Discussion Guide
Use this discussion guide to help facilitate a closure conversation and celebrate the end of a successful mentorship relationship!
Suggested Activities and Discussion Topics
Looking for activities or topics to discuss with your mentor/mentee? This list of suggestions will give you all kinds of ideas!

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